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At ZenDXB, we offer a cutting-edge and revitalizing approach to health and wellness through IV therapy. Safe and minimally invasive, this treatment involves the direct infusion of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into the bloodstream, ensuring maximum absorption and near-instant results. Whether seeking relief from fatigue, combating vitamin deficiencies, or improving skin health, there are a number of IV therapy uses that can help to enhance your overall wellness.

One-time offer: Intro to IV - ZenDXB
One-time offer: Intro to IV - ZenDXB

One-time offer: Intro to IV

AED 199
Hangover IV
Hangover IV

Hangover IV

AED 899
IV Wellness Elixir - ZenDXB
IV Wellness Elixir - ZenDXB

IV Wellness Elixir

AED 390
Power Up Vitamins + Minerals - ZenDXB
Power Up Vitamins + Minerals - ZenDXB

Power Up Vitamins + Minerals

AED 490
Glutathione - ZenDXB
Glutathione - ZenDXB

Glutathione 1200mg

AED 299
Glutathione package - ZenDXB
Glutathione package - ZenDXB

Glutathione: 6 package

AED 1,194
NAD+ 100mg - ZenDXB
NAD+ 100mg - ZenDXB

NAD+ 100mg

AED 999
NAD+ 250mg - ZenDXB
NAD+ 250mg - ZenDXB

NAD+ 250mg

AED 1,499

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What's the process of getting IV therapy?

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We offer home service for all of our IV therapy treatments

- DHA-approved home care nurse
- Online GP consultation to ensure your IV therapy is safe
- Your choice of IV therapy
- Note: Additional charges may apply depending on your location

ZenDXB clinic in JLT


Meet the team and enjoy 5 star customer service

- Conveniently located in JLT
- Speak to a Doctor in person
- Try our IV rejuvenation
- Ask about Wellness tests 
- Free parking available


Our DHA-approved medical team will help put you at ease and support you throughout the process.  

- Discuss your symptoms/goals 
- Get advice on the best treatment plan
- Review your options and ingredients
- Ensure your liver, kidney, and CBC are in check
- Start your treatment plan

One-on-one DHA-approved consultation
ZenDXB's rejuvenation service


Once you've decided on your treatment plan, it's time now time to pamper yourself. 

Sit back in our massage chair and relax whilst you watch your favourite shows on Netflix. 

Our medical team will be on hand to ensure you're getting the care and attention you deserve. 

If you have any questions about our rejuvenation service, please feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to help.

Benefits of IV Therapy

Why choose ZenDXB?

Value for money

Don't let cost put you off from getting the treatment you need. Whether you're buying a single IV, or one of our packages, you can be confident that you're getting tremendous value for money. You can also split the cost of treatment over 4 months interest free with Tabby pay.  

Transparency of ingredients

Don't blindly accept IV therapy. We actively encourage our patients to compare our ingredients to the competition, which is why we provide full transparency on every IV we offer. 

5 star customer experience

Take a look at our reviews and experience our VIP treatment yourself. Enjoy a fully body massage, coffee/drinks on arrival, and a medical team who will ensure your IV therapy goes smoothly.

Meet the team


Dr. Suzee Abdelrahman

General Practioneer 

Dr. Suzee, based in Dubai since 2017, stands out as an exemplary General Practitioner renowned for her extensive expertise in both adult and pediatric medicine. As a leading figure at ZenDXB, she seamlessly bridges the gap between top-tier medical care and genuine patient connection. Her commitment to excellence is evident across all services she provides, and patients consistently applaud her for delivering care imbued with warmth, compassion, and friendliness.


Rebecca Coby

Managing Director

Rebecca stands at the helm of ZenDXB's operational teams, ensuring that each patient encounter meets the organization's exacting standards. Collaborating closely with the medical staff, she guarantees that clients fully harness the potential of ZenDXB's comprehensive offerings, optimizing both product and service experiences.


Fritz Dominice

Customer Success Manager

Fritz shines brightly in her role in customer service. She meticulously ensures that every patient appointment runs without a hitch, making the entire process appear effortless. As the friendly face and voice that many of our clients first encounter, her approachability and dedication have garnered widespread appreciation. 


Charlie Rosales

Head Nurse

Charlie, an expert in the realm of IV therapy at ZenDXB, has earned acclaim for his exceptional skill in cannulating even the trickiest of veins. His affable and reassuring demeanour has endeared him to countless patients, who often sing praises of the comfort and confidence he instils. From the moment of first contact through the entirety of their treatment journey at ZenDXB, Charlie's expert touch and warm presence ensure that patients are in the best of hands.


Wilmer Tan

Homecare Nurse

Wilmer shines as a standout nurse with a specialization in homecare at ZenDXB. His vibrant energy and friendly demeanor resonate deeply with patients, turning routine visits into delightful experiences. From drawing blood samples to administering IV therapy, Wilmer doesn't just meet standards—he consistently goes above and beyond, setting a high bar for patient care.


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Low energy blood test and IV therapy - ZenDXB
Low energy blood test and IV therapy - ZenDXB

Low energy blood test and IV therapy

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Food intolerance test - ZenDXB
Food intolerance test - ZenDXB

Food intolerance test

AED 1,799
Prescriptions & Sick leave certificates
Online sick leave certificate + doctor consultation - ZenDXB
Prescriptions & Sick leave certificates
Online sick leave certificate + doctor consultation - ZenDXB

Online sick leave certificate + doctor consultation

AED 299
In-person doctor consultation - ZenDXB
In-person doctor consultation - ZenDXB

In-person doctor consultation

AED 199


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