What’s included in your test kit

We've made the process of urinalysis even easier with our home delivery kit.


Inside the kit you'll receive 5 key items: 

1. Primary catchment cup: Use our expandable cup to collect your urine (it's ideal for this to be your first urine of the morning). 

2. Disposable pipette: Use the pipette to transfer our urine from the cup to the test tube. 

3. Barcoded test tube: Our barcode technology synchs your sample with your profile, enabling you to get real-time updates via our Mobile App. 

4. Biohazard bag: Once your test tube is ready, simply place it in the biohazard bag and seal. 

5. Courier bag: Place your biohazard bag in the courier bag and it schedule your pick up via the App. 


Simple. Easy. Convenient. 


Contents of the at-home STD test kit