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Male Fertility Test

AED 899

Revolutionize your male fertility journey with our comprehensive Male Fertility Analysis Kit: Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Reproductive Health


What's included in the offer:
Male fertility Lab tests: 899 AED
Courier collection/delivery of sample: 250 AED
Two free GP Consultations: 398 AED 
Personalised results summary & treatment plan: 199 AED
Vitamin Max IV therapy: 899 AED
Total Value: 2,645 AED for only 899 AED


Understanding the intricate details of your reproductive health is crucial when trying to conceive. Our Male Fertility Analysis Kit empowers you with invaluable insights, providing a thorough examination of key factors that play a pivotal role in male fertility.


Semen Examination: Obtain a detailed analysis of your semen, including sperm count, motility, and morphology. Uncover essential information about the quality of your sperm, giving you a clear understanding of your reproductive potential.


Hormonal Balance Assessment: Our kit includes the measurement of Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and Testosterone (Free). These hormone levels are crucial indicators of your reproductive health, offering insights into the functioning of your testes, sperm production, and hormonal balance.


Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) Analysis: Monitoring your HbA1c levels is vital, as elevated blood sugar levels can negatively impact fertility. This assessment provides you with information about your glucose control and potential risks that may affect your reproductive health.


Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) Free Measurement: Assessing PSA levels is essential for evaluating prostate health. Our kit includes the measurement of PSA Free, allowing you to monitor prostate function and detect any potential abnormalities that may affect fertility.


Lipid Profile Evaluation: A comprehensive lipid profile analysis is included in this package. Understanding your lipid levels is crucial, as imbalances can have an impact on sperm quality and overall reproductive health. Gain insights into your cholesterol and lipid levels, empowering you to make informed decisions for optimizing your fertility potential.


We believe that knowledge is the key to success on your fertility journey. Our Male Fertility Analysis Kit provides you with comprehensive and accurate results, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. With a clear understanding of your semen quality, hormone levels, glycated haemoglobin, PSA Free, and lipid profile, you can take proactive steps towards improving your reproductive health and increasing your chances of successful conception.


Embrace the power of information and take charge of your fertility destiny today. Order our Male Fertility Analysis Kit and unlock the secrets to optimal reproductive health, enabling you to embark on the incredible journey of building your family with confidence.

Free Doctor Consultation and Nurse blood sample collection
Semen Examination
Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
Lutenizing Hormone (LH)
Testosterone Total
Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)
Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA)
Lipid profile