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VIP Health Check: 93 Parameters

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Introducing our VIP Health Test: Elevate Your Health Assessment to an Elite Level!

Our VIP Health Test: 93 Parameters, is the pinnacle of comprehensive health assessment, offering you an unparalleled view of your well-being. This elite package encompasses an extensive array of vital tests, ensuring that no aspect of your health goes unnoticed. Included in this exclusive panel are:

  1. CBC (Complete Blood Count): A comprehensive blood analysis providing a thorough overview of your health status.

  2. Urine Analysis: An in-depth examination of your urine, revealing critical insights into kidney function and urinary health.

  3. Stool Analysis: A comprehensive evaluation of gastrointestinal health, crucial for digestive well-being.

  4. Thyroid Function Profile: Monitoring your thyroid gland's activity, vital for metabolic balance and energy levels.

  5. Hormones Function (Male/Female): Assessing hormonal balance, a key factor in reproductive health and overall vitality.

  6. Kidney/Renal Function: Evaluating the efficiency of your kidneys in maintaining electrolyte balance and waste removal.

  7. Lipid/Cholesterol Function: A thorough assessment of cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health.

  8. Liver Function: Examining liver health, essential for nutrient processing and detoxification.

  9. Extensive Iron Profile: Ensuring optimal iron levels for proper oxygen transport and preventing anemia.

  10. Diabetics Profile: Monitoring blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, crucial for diabetes management and prevention.

  11. Vitamin D: Essential for bone health, immune function, and overall vitality.

  12. Vitamin B12: Maintaining nerve health, energy production, and red blood cell formation.

  13. Electrolytes Profile (sodium, potassium, chloride): Balancing electrolytes is vital for nerve and muscle function and overall wellness.

  14. C-reactive Protein - qualitative: Detecting inflammation markers, a key indicator of various health conditions.

  15. Creatinine Kinase (CKMB): Assessing heart health and detecting muscle damage.

  16. High Sensitive CRP: Measuring inflammation levels with high sensitivity, a valuable cardiovascular risk indicator.

  17. Homocysteine: Evaluating cardiovascular health and potential risk factors.

  18. Glucose Random: Monitoring blood glucose levels to assess overall glycemic control.

  19. Insulin Fasting: A crucial test to understand insulin resistance and diabetes risk.

  20. Ferritin: Measuring iron storage levels in the body, essential for overall health.

  21. Testosterone (Male): Evaluating testosterone levels in males, essential for male reproductive health, muscle mass maintenance, and overall vitality.

Our VIP Health Test is the ultimate investment in your health and well-being, providing you with unparalleled insights to take charge of your life. Elevate your health assessment today with the VIP Health Test, and experience the pinnacle of comprehensive health evaluation for a healthier and more vibrant future!

93 biomarkers tested
Hormones, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar & More
Free GP consultation and Nurse blood collection
DHA-licensed medical team & lab partners
10 hours fasting required prior to testing
Incldues FREE IV therapy and STD Test